Preschool Storytime: Robots!

Louise Tripp
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It’s been a while since I have written here but I am back and attempting to document my storytime plans for other librarians. I have a bi-weekly story time for preschoolers at my library and I am always trying to find new ideas, so I figured why not share my own, too? Last week I decided to do a robot-themed story time because I thought it would be fun to attempt my first ever flannel board by counting down five little robots. And also allowed me to read one of my favorite robot picture books, Love, Z by Jessie Sima.

I always open Storytime with a little song called “Let’s All Clap” where I get to introduce myself and then say the name of each child in attendance. This is an idea I got from the wonderful Jbrary, which has been an incomparable resource during my time as a children’s librarian.

Here is my Robot Storytime script:

Robots Storytime

Opening Song and book 1: “Let’s all clap because {name} is here…” and Boy and Bot by Ame Dyckman: 9780375867569 | Brightly Shop (

rhyme/movement: My Dog Rags

I have a dog and his name is Rags

He eats so much that his tummy sags

His ears flip-flop and his tail wig-wags

And when he walks, he goes zig-zag

He goes flip-flop, wig-wag, zig zag

He goes flip-flop, wig-wag, zig-zag

He goes flip-flop, wig-wag, zig-zag

I love Rags, and he loves me

meditation and book 2: Now let’s take a couple of deep, mindful breaths. First, pretend you are smelling the roses — breathe deeply, inhaling. Then, you want to exhale as if you are blowing out birthday candles! (Exhale) Ok, now we are ready for another story: — The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot by Margaret McNamara | Goodreads

Flannelboard Rhyme (counting): For this flannel board, I printed out the robots from this template after coloring them in. Then, because I didn’t have the time to laminate them, I sealed them in translucent contact paper and glued flannel swatches to their backs. It turned out better than expected. Here’s the counting rhyme I used, which I nabbed from Storytime Katie:

Five noisy robots in the big toy shop,

Shiny and tall with antennae on the top.

Along came a girl with a nickel one day.

Bought a noisy robot and took it away.

(continue with 4, 3, 2, 1 noisy robots)

Action/movement song: “If You’re Happy And You Know It”

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.

If you’re grumpy and you know it, stomp your feet.

If you’re sad and you know it, say “boo hoo.”

If you’re silly and you know it, wave your arms.

If you’re happy and you know it, shout hooray.

Dance/movement and book 3:Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes” and Love Z by Jessie Sima

Goodbye song: It’s Time To Say Goodbye To All My Friends” (courtesy of Jbrary).



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